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2021 Murray Ave Pittsburgh PA 15217

Enchanted Play Garden 

Welcome to the Enchanted Play Garden by Ever After!

Our magical venue has transformed to offer weekday enchantment for your little ones, making it not only a haven for children but a delightful social opportunity for parents, nannies, and caregivers alike. While your children embark on adventures and creative play, you can connect with fellow adults, fostering friendships and shared experiences.

As you watch your little ones explore, imagine, and grow, enjoy complimentary coffee in our cozy gathering area. It's the perfect space to relax, connect, and savor moments of enchantment together. Join us on this wonderful journey where every day brings new opportunities for fun, connection, and enchantment. Let the adventure begin!

open play pricing


- $14 per child. Includes one free Adult

- $10 for each sibling of a paying child

- $8 for additional adults

All day:

- $25 for each child (walkers and up). Includes one free Adult

- $15 for each sibling of a paying child

- $12 for additional adults

Private Play:

- $80/hr (Groups of up to a total of 8 people (includes adults and children.) Additional guests $15 each.

Pay upon entry, no reservation required. First come first serve basis. 


Our versatile modular couches offer endless opportunities for creative play. Children can climb, crawl, slide, and explore to their heart's content. This not only stimulates their imagination but also enhances their social skills as they interact with other young adventurers. As a parent or guardian, you can join in the fun, fostering stronger parent-child relationships. Plus, our play area features an exciting ball pit for even more interactive entertainment, ensuring that every visit is filled with laughter and learning.

ball pit.webp


Our play area isn't just for kids; it's a social hub for parents, nannies, and caregivers too. While your little ones engage in imaginative play, you can connect with fellow adults, share experiences, and build a supportive community. It's a unique social opportunity that transforms every visit into a chance to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships.

As an added bonus, we offer free coffee to keep your energy up while you mingle with other adults or simply take a well-deserved break. Enjoy a cup of joe in a cozy corner while your child embarks on their imaginative adventures.

Young Moms

Cleanliness & Safety

The health and safety of your child are paramount to us. We take cleanliness seriously and maintain a pristine environment throughout "Enchanted Play Garden." Our play area is regularly sanitized to ensure a hygienic space for your little ones to explore and learn. We use child-safe cleaning products to provide a clean, worry-free experience for every visitor.

Our commitment to cleanliness extends beyond just the play area. Restrooms and changing facilities are also kept immaculate, providing a comfortable and convenient experience for parents and caregivers. You can relax and enjoy your time here, knowing that we prioritize your child's well-being.

Your child's safety is our top priority, and we go the extra mile to create a welcoming, clean, and secure environment where they can thrive and create magical memories.

Cleaning Supplies


We provide a delightful array of costumes and accessories, allowing your child to transform into their favorite characters. With imaginative play at the forefront, your little one can become a pirate sailing the high seas, a fairy soaring through enchanted forests, or a superhero defending the city. Dress-up adventures here are limited only by your child's imagination, ensuring every visit is filled with laughter, learning, and limitless creativity.

Princess Dance


For our youngest adventurers, we provide a range of Montessori-inspired toys that encourage learning through exploration. These toys are carefully selected to support early development and cognitive growth, ensuring that every moment spent here is filled with opportunities for your child to thrive.


Special Events & More..

Special Weekday Experiences and More

At "Enchanted Play Garden," weekdays are anything but ordinary. In addition to free play hours, we offer special weekday appearances that can include mommy & me classes, music groups, enchanting princess appearances, and much more. These weekday activities are designed to add an extra layer of enchantment to your child's playtime, fostering their creativity, social skills, and imagination.

Parents and caregivers can participate in these activities, creating precious bonding moments with their little ones and connecting with other families in our welcoming space. It's an opportunity to watch your child's eyes light up with wonder and joy as they engage in exciting adventures right alongside you.

From the magic of princess encounters to the harmony of music groups, our weekday experiences are carefully crafted to make each day at "Enchanted Play Garden" a unique and enchanting journey for you and your child. Come and explore the possibilities with us!

Moms and Babies

Take a virtual tour

Looking to book a birthday?

Besides offering weekday open play that is open to the public, we also provide the most magical private birthday experiences. 

Check out our Play Garden Party Packages!


At "Enchanted Play Garden," we are committed to ensuring a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment for children and their guardians. To maintain this standard, we kindly ask that everyone adheres to the following policies and procedures while exploring our Garden.

By signing in, guardians acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of these guidelines.​

  1. Toy Care: Mouthed toys should be placed in the designated dirty toy bin.

  2. Respectful Play: Running, throwing objects, and rough play are not allowed. Please show consideration for equipment, toys, and fellow playmates. Children who disregard these rules or cause damage may be asked to leave with their caregiver.

  3. Food & Drink: We kindly request that no outside food is brought in due to allergy reasons. 

  4. Supervision: Caregivers are responsible for ensuring the safety and conduct of their children at all times.

  5. Safety Disclaimer: Ever After Events cannot be held responsible for injuries resulting from unsafe play or the improper use of equipment.

  6. Party Policy: Please note that individual parties, including presents, cakes, or related items, are not permitted during regular Play Time hours. Parties are exclusively reserved for designated party times on WEEKENDS ONLY. 

Special Notice and Caution for Parents and Guardians of Guests Under Age 3

Within the play garden, certain toys contain small parts that may pose a choking hazard to children under the age of 3. Parents and guardians are kindly reminded of their responsibility to supervise their young ones closely in these areas.

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