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Our Story

Ever After Events was founded in 2017 with a deep-rooted passion for creating magical moments for children. The driving force behind this endeavor was a profound inspiration drawn from the experiences of a loved one, who spent a significant part of their childhood in the hospital.

Growing up alongside a sibling who faced frequent hospitalizations, our founder recognized the importance of providing young ones with childhood illnesses a positive and extraordinary experience during challenging times. Community events and volunteer work have become integral to our company's mission. For us, Ever After Events is not just a business, but a heartfelt commitment to give back to the community and bring courage and joy to those little ones who need it the most.

We sincerely thank you for your unwavering support in embracing the magic we strive to bring to the lives of children. Together, let us continue to nurture dreams and make the world a more enchanting place.

Meet the Team




Lily has a passion for creating magical moments for children. Inspired by her younger sister's childhood experiences spent in the hospital, Lily recognized the significance of providing positivity and wonder to young ones facing challenging times. Running her company has been a heartfelt commitment to spreading joy and nurturing dreams in the lives of children.

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Training Coordinator


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